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Music 398. Experimental Courses

Music around Boston

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was one of the earliest colonies established on the east coast of North America, and Boston was the cultural capital of the colonies for decades.Among the many musical firsts in the Bay Colony are the Bay Colony Psalm Book, early singing societies, important instrumental performing groups, concert series, and music schools and libraries.We will study these historical milestones, along with musical contributions brought to North America by subsequent waves of later immigrants such as Africans and Irish musicians.This course will be taught in cooperation with Wheaton Archivist Zephorene Stickney, and much of our work will involve primary source materials and field trips.



A study, through discussion, listening and performance, of the life and works of this most iconic and influential composer in the western musical tradition. Beethoven's life will be viewed against the social and political history of his time. His works will be examined from the viewpoints of style, form, compositional technique, performance practice and reception history.