Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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English 101 Section B20. Writing about My Generation

In this course, students will explore the concept of the generational divide in order to come to terms with their generation’s position in time. By reading, discussing, and writing about things like Hipster culture and other counter-cultural movements, the effects of Twitter and social media on our cognitive and social development, and the role that hybrid language forms—like slang or dialectal speech—play in identity formation and representation, we will question the concept of generational identities and attempt to understand their relevance to our conversations about contemporary American life. In addition to exploring generational divides, this course will also provide an overview of foundational concepts in writing. Students should expect to participate in everything from informal discussions about the corporatization of punk rock and hip-hop, to metacognitive projects that require intense analysis of their own thought and writing processes. Through an exploration of different approaches to writing and thinking about writing, students will learn how to use genre as a situational tool for communicating effectively with diverse audiences.