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English 101 Section B18. Writing about Multicultural Lives

What do you think of when you hear the word "culture"? Race? Religion? Traditions? Language? Gender? What does it mean to be living among people who embody different aspects of culture? What does it mean to identify with more than one culture simultaneously? We'll look at some possible answers, along with the work of Louise Erdrich, Martin Espada, Barbara Kingsolver, Nelson Mandela, and others. If you're really good, we'll spend a class or two with Will Smith. This course will have elements of traditional lecture and discussion along with workshop and small group work. We'll use the different aspects of culture as a framework to discuss the larger issues of writing in both formal and informal assignments. Each student will have frequent one-on-one consultations with the instructor. There will be an emphasis on process and revision while we develop the skills needed for college-level writing.