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English 101 Section A06. Writing about Connected Life

Do you belong to Generation C? Marketers use the term to describe consumers who are especially connected via social media. These individuals shoot videos, share images and post written opinions. If you're reading this, you're probably part of this creative generation. But what does it mean to be so connected? Is everyone in the world equally connected? And is there a way not to be a consumer? What happens when we dare to disconnect? We’ll pursue these questions, along with others that you pose, as we explore arguments related to networked life. Writing provides us with ways to discover, learn, invent, reflect and express ourselves; it also allows us to communicate with audiences for a range of purposes. Included in our understanding of “writing” will be texts that combine words and image, as we draft, revise, edit and workshop ideas. This course will also feature weekly, one-hour experiments disconnecting from digital devices.