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Education 240. Multiple Perspectives on Literacy

Multiple Perspectives on Literacy provides a shifting focus on theory and practice, which allows students to conceptualize and reconceptualize the roles of teacher and learner using, as their lens, learners’ literacy development. Sociocultural contexts and the intersection of home, community, and school form the foundation of this field-based course. Students explore critical literacy and discourse theories, the importance of educators’ cultural competence, issues of social justice, exclusion, inclusion, race identity, and school wounds as they impact learning, and reader response and what it means to bring a mindful stance to one’s literate endeavors. Mindfulness, or cultivation of present, nonjudgmental awareness, is central to the course, and students read about, practice and explore ways to teach mindfulness.

During fieldwork, students plan and teach a number of standards-based, reading and writing lessons for elementary learners. Students are introduced to components of the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers (Curriculum, Planning and Assessment. Teaching All Students, Family and Community Engagement and Professional Culture).