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Economics 112. Microeconomics with BioPharma Applications

Microeconomics explains economic behavior of decision makers in the economy–consumers, business firms, resource owners and governments. Major topics include pricing and the operation of markets for goods and services and for resources, the behavior of firms and industries in different market settings, income distribution and public policy.

Econ 112 and Econ 102 are very similar introductory Microeconomics courses. Econ 112 is slightly different from Econ 102 because it gives special attention to how the topics mentioned above apply to the pharmaceutical industry.

Either Econ 112 or Econ 102 can be taken in conjunction with Math 101 to complete The Calculus of Microeconomics Connection (see CONX 20004). Econ 112 also gives students the alternative option of completing the Biopharma Connection, if they take Bio 112. For information about the Biopharma Connection, see CONX 20026.

(Previously Introduction to Microeconomics - with Calculus)