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Connections 23016. Race as a Social Construct

The courses in this connection have the common theme of the origins and consequences of dividing humans into categories based upon morphological characteristics. In Genetics, students will study the complex pathways by which melanin pigments are formed. A major conclusion will be an appreciation for skin tones as a continuum of shades rather than as discrete and classifiable “racial” characteristics. In Africans on Africa, students will explore the attitudes and opinions of the diverse peoples of Africa for a much more complex point of view on what it means to be African or African American. Multicultural Psychology is a course focusing on ethnic and racial identities and their influences on human behaviors and interactions.

This may be completed as a two- or three-course connection. A two-course connection must link courses from at least two different areas; a three-course connection must link courses from three areas.

HIST 143 Africans on Africa: A Survey

Natural Sciences
BIO 211 Genetics

Social Sciences
PSY 251 Multicultural Psychology