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Connections 23004. Gender

This two-course connection allows students to explore gender from a variety of disciplinary perspectives: the humanities, social science courses in psychology or sociology and/or the scientific perspective of psychobiology.

This combination of courses will ask students to consider the intersections between gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and class. ENG 240 examines the ways in which poetic genres encode gender. PSY 290 explores gender issues by studying the psychology of women. SOC 260 focuses on cultural norms and social structural aspects of gender. The courses will also be linked by a shared writing component that focuses on the variety of conventions used in these different disciplines.

ENG 240, WGS 240 Gender, Genre and Poetry
FR 236 Introduction to Early French Literature
GK 215 or GK 315 Private Lives and Public Citizens

Social Sciences
PSY 290 or WGS 290 The Psychology of Women
SOC 260, WGS 260 Gender Inequality