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Connections 20087. Culture, Society and Politics in Early Modern France

Early modern and revolutionary France marked a pivotal turning moment in French, European, and indeed human history. The reimagination and restructuring of society from one based on special privileges and entitlements to one of “liberty, equality, and fraternity” ushered in the modern world. France exported its revolutionary model abroad and its political and cultural influence has made great impacts around the globe. This connection examines the key political and social history of early modern and revolutionary France infused with fascinating insights into culture through the study of architecture, literature, and theater.

Students should take and any one of the three French Studies courses (FR 320, FR 327) to fulfill the connection.


FR 320 From François I to François Mitterrand: A Cultural History of Politics and Architecture
or FR 327 Moralists and Misanthropes, Sociability and Individualism in Literature of the Ancien Régime